Our in-house Quality System was developed and is managed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and Good Manufacturing Practices (Reg CE 2023/2006) in order to provide guarantees concerning all operations, from the development stage for new products on to delivery of the finished product (including, where required, sterilization).


The certification was issued by Bureau Veritas in June 2011. Over and above product controls, considerable attention is paid to strict conformity with procedures, this being enabled by use of an efficient computerized system and by application of workflows providing cover for all criticalities. Furthermore, DBN Tubetti is awaiting BRC IoP certification, for which application procedures are under way.


At all times, including night shifts, the efficacy of our Quality System provides the guarantees required for product printing as per specifications, use of approved materials, to ensure product quality, and full product traceability.


Over and above all standard controls, we also engage in pre-analysis of our products. Thanks to an agreement with our accredited analysis laboratories, we can provide our customers with yet more guarantees attesting to the excellence of our products.