As a material, aluminium presents two distinct advantages, environmentally speaking. It is derived from natural resources and is very readily recyclable. It can therefore be used again and again.


Aluminium is derived from a natural resource − bauxite. The production cycle for this mineral begins with purification enabling the passage from alumina to metallic aluminium. Following rolling, the aluminium is then formed as a pellet.


The resulting pellet is 99.7% pure. This is what lies behind the material’s industrially optimal qualities and properties.


End consumers encounter aluminium tubes at practically every turn – in their kitchens and bathrooms, and in the drawer holding their medicines. The great advantages of this packaging form are perfect dosing, longer product shelf life, full use of the product with no waste, and above all, a readily recycled packaging format. All that is required of users is that they separate the closure from the tube itself for separate waste disposal purposes.


Processing and recycling of aluminium packaging forms brings the used product back to its raw material form using only 5% of the energy that was required when the packaging was originally produced. This makes for enormous savings both on the economic and environmental fronts.

EnergiaPulita: green energy for you and for the environment.

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